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For Sale - 11 plate TDI140 Bluemotion GT spec

07 Feb 2020 11:19

Hi all, not sure if this is of any interest to anyone; I bought this off a mate a year ago but I need something more "family-oriented" (read "estate") now.

2011 TDI Bluemotion in white
156,000 miles
I'm the 4th owner
Decent service history with lots of documentation
Interlagos alloys, powder-coated in black; some kerbing (touched up)
Adaptive suspension
Upgraded Kenwood head unit with DAB and integrated Garmin satnav, DVD player - has inputs for cameras etc. and integrates with the car so ventilation controls are shown etc. Cost over £1,000
Decent condition for the mileage; signs of wear and tear (a few scuffs here and there) but nothing serious:
- small dent in passenger door
- some scuffs on front and rear bumpers
- light kerbing on alloys (touched-up and only noticable close-up)
- wear and tear on seats
- some intermittent vibration on braking - not all the time. Still brakes really strongly, just on occasion the brakes seem to be "grabbing" slightly.

It still drives very well and feels solid. A few weeks after I bought it I was pretty unlucky, I have receipts for over £4K for the following work:

- New rear suspension (springs, dampers, top mounts) due to knocking rear shock
- New clutch and flywheel, release bearing etc.
- Rebuilt gearbox with new casing (caused by failed clutch)
- New timing belt, tensioners and water pump

I realise that I might be £8,500 in the hole in only 12 months and I'll never get that back, but with all the new parts I'm looking for £5K - does that seem fair? There's a £1700 gearbox in there with under 3,500 miles on it :)


Re: For Sale - 11 plate TDI140 Bluemotion GT spec

10 Feb 2020 14:17

I've seen a new car, had a valuation and done a deal; I will be trading this in later this week if I don't get a sale (would rather it went to someone who'll appreciate it and the money spent, rather than just disposed of at auction!)

£4k for a quick sale.
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