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Every Little Helps

Jokes - Good or Bad welcome here. WARNING - May cause offense!

Every Little Helps

Post05 Nov 2012 22:17

A man was in a long line at his local Tesco store.

As he got to the register he realised he had forgotten to get condoms, so he asked the checkout girl if she could have some brought up to the register.

She asked, 'What size condoms?'

The customer replied that he didn't know.

She asked him to drop his trousers.

He did.

She reached over the counter, grabbed hold of him and called over the intercom, 'One box of large condoms, Till 5'

The next man in line thought this was interesting, and like most of us,was up for a cheap thrill.

When he got up to the register, he told the checker that he too had forgotten to get condoms, and asked if she could have some brought to the register for him.

She asked him what size, and he stated that he didn't know.

She asked him to drop his trousers.

He did.

She gave him a quick feel, picked up the intercom and said, 'One box of medium-sized condoms, Till 5.'

A few customers back was this teenage boy.

He thought what he had seen was way too cool.

He had never had any type of sexual contact with a live female, so he thought this was his chance.

When he got to the till he told the checker he needed some condoms.

She asked him what size and he said he didn't know.

She asked him to drop his trousers and he did.

She reached over the counter, gave him a quick squeeze then picked up

The Intercom and said...

'Mop and bucket, Till 5'

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Every Little Helps

Post09 Mar 2015 10:04

It agree, it is an amusing piece
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