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New owner old problems? Your insight is appreciated!

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New owner old problems? Your insight is appreciated!

Post09 May 2020 17:43

I just got a 2013 series 2 Scirocco R (stock australian model) with the DSG refresh, updated sound system (4 buttons n each side), folding mirrors and cruise control and whatnot and after driving it for about a week I noticed afew things... I drove afew 2012 and 2013 models before leaving with this one (2014's were at least $10k more than what i paid for this), but they all did what Im about to describe.

1) When the car is idling in park (not in gear) predominately when Ive returned from a drive and the car is hot and I leave the car in park a short while before shutting down, the revs slowly ramp up to around 1500rpm, then drop back down to the 700 or so... It sits there for about 5 seconds, then ramps back up hitting 1500rpm, then slowly cuts back down.
This cycles in regular intervals, and nothing seems problematic.
Oil temp rides at 85-90degrees celcius hittin 92 to 95 when in heavy traffic (no airflow), but no problems with performance that i could notice...
I honestly cant work out why it would be doing this.
I saw this post here which explained afew things. ... 19833.html

I kill the engine when revs go down to 700rpm.
No issues and no rough idling or performance issues in park or in gear... so im kinda confused...
Thoughts? Ideas?

2) the check engine light just came on a couple of days ago. It literally had its registration with inspection done 10days ago on the day I bought it. So if this was a problem before that light turned on, it would have needed to be sorted out and cleared before i get the pink slip.
It turned on after I hammered it for a test run, and hasnt turned off since.
Didnt skip a beat or flutter or struggle... again, another headscratcher...

The manual says check cat converter and whatnot (ive got the full manual and all that jazz, so I checked... ) but no error code and Im not getting any problems from the exhaust, turbo or engine...
Any ideas?
I contacted VW in Penrith (sydney australia) just to organise a drive through diagnostic and whatnot but after 4 days, Im yet to get a response.
Anyone in Sydney have an idea where I can go to get this looked at? Pref a decent mechanic far west sydney penrith area...

3) slightly noisy whiny engine ticking.. Not loud knocking or anything above any unnatural dB level, and nothing all that 'out there' and not even noticable when in gear when driving.
Its smooth on take off and quiet unless u give it, but pop the bonnet when its idling in park and youll notice a low hum. Theres a finite section with a tiny black box at the front of the engine where this noise is sourced.
I cant describe it. I might go out with a decent mic and record and post it. but is this normal?

I think thats about it, but hopefully my relationship with this baby rocket turns out ok...

Thx in advance
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