Deactivating Day Time Running Lights DR Ls

This is a commonly asked issue for normal halogen cars. Why? Because unless you have Xenons, VWs implementation of Day-Time-Running lights is simply to make your front and rear headlights stay on at all times.

You could ask your dealer to do it for you, however many are refusing to do so on the grounds that upcoming Euro legislation makes DRLs mandatory (although this only affects car manufactured after that legislation comes in to effect so it's a bit of a hollow argument).

Here are your options:

MY2009 / late MY2010

If you have a 1st generation Scirocco (Red Multifunction display) or an MY2010 (white MFD) it is not possible to turn off your DRLs using the indicator stalk method outlined in the manual (unless you have an early manufacturer MY2010 - see below). The only way to deactivate them is by using VAGCOM.

(If you aren't familiar with VAGCOM, click on the VAGCOM section on the sidebar to the right.)

VAGCOM - Two options

Option one - turn off DRLs altogether.

Follow these steps in VAGCOM

  • SELECT Control Module
  • 09-Central Electronics
  • Coding - 07
  • Select Byte 0
  • uncheck Bit 3 and BVit 4
  • DO IT!

Option two - turn off DRLs but leave sidelights and rear lights on.

Follow these steps in VAGCOM

  • SELECT Control Module
  • 09-Central Electronics
  • Coding - 07
  • Work your way along the bytes until you see DRL brightness listed (%)
  • Reduce DRL Brightness % to 0%.
  • Do IT!

early MY2010 / Cars with Xenon headlights

Early manufactured MY2010 cars (white Multi function display) were enabled with the indicator stalk method as outlined in the cars user manual. This functionality was later removed (as per MY2009 cars above). So if you're lucky, this method will work. So far this method works for all Sciroccos with Xenon headlights.

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