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I would like to know your opinions and thoughts as to whether I should buy the 1.4 or 2.0 TSI scirocco.

I am in the market for a scirocco and have narrowed it down to a flash red 1.4 or 2.0 TSI GT facelift (2016/17). Most of my time driving is spent around town, with a longer motorway trip every other weekend. My daily commute consists of around 9 miles of town driving, taking approximately 45 minutes each way - a boring trip, average around 30mph with plenty of traffic lights and some traffic.

I currently drive a 2009 1.25 fiesta (just 60bhp), but have access to a 2019 1.5 TSI EVO Passat (150hp) which is lovely to drive! I am a sensible driver; however, it is great to have the extra power when needed to overtake, pull away on the motorway (or just have a bit of fun in!).

I'm set on the scirocco, I absolutely love the design, however, I am undecided between the 1.4 and the 2.0 TSI. Considering my commute and annual mileage of 8000 I am not considering diesel. I have test drove both cars a little while ago but didn't get a chance to compare them directly, unfortunately. The 1.4 seemed sufficient/ok, and the 2.0 very fast considering my current car! A shame they don't have an in-between. I am not looking to remap the car.

I have done all the maths, I the 2.0 will cost me around £1000 extra to run per year in total (if I averaged 20mpg). This isn't an issue but is it worth it? I was originally looking at golfs - and would not have considered the 2.0 GTI at the time as it seemed unnecessarily quick. However, after test driving the 2.0 TSI scirocco it left the question in my mind.

I have found two ideal cars. A 2017 1.4 GT with 20k miles and a 2016 2.0 GT with 30K miles. Both with VW warranty etc and similar price (≈13.5k). The 2.0 has a few options which are nice - full leather, heated seats, headlight washer jets and folding mirrors. 1.4 is the standard GT spec. Both are gorgeous. The 1.4 seems like the sensible option and would probably mean I keep the car for a longer period of time, I wouldn't at all mind saving the extra £1000 per year.

Has anyone owned both, been in a similar situation or have thoughts on this? Please let me know, I am undecided!

Thank you.
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