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The 2010 Model changes for the Scirocco are listed below. All cars going into production as of week 22 will benefit from the upgrade which means the first ones will hit the roads week 25(ish).

Also Xenons are now available to order again. Changes include:

All trims levels:
â€" Coat hook moved from headlining to B pillar
â€" New steering wheels â€" see pictures 3a and 3b, below
â€" New Instrument cluster â€" see picture 4, below
â€" DAB radio aerial moved from roof to side window
â€" Bi-xenon headlights £860
â€" Winter pack with bi-xenon headlights £305
â€" Winter pack with bi-xenon headlights and leather upholstery £200
â€" Digital oil temperature indicator with highline computer

GT trim level
â€" Optional 19-inch Lugano alloys £615

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