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APP Europe and the co-operation partners Rieger Tuning, KW Automotive, Wimmer Rennsporttechnik, CFC and MR Car Design have put together a High End Projekt Car on Vredestein sport tires.

APP Europe mounts a stoptech-high performance - brake system (3.200,00 Euro) with 4-pistons an two-part slotted discs size 355Ã-32 mm.

The brake system is completed with the inovative calliper air vent plug (109,00 Euro) from Stahlbus.

New to the assortment are APP Europe, 19?, 3-part aluminium rims (complete wheelset 5.200,00 Euro) made of forged aluminium in bicolour design. A speciality are the rotating rim-logos in the middle. Vredestein hoops the Scirocco with Ultrac Sessanta High performance tires.

The built in Tuning-Bodykit from Rieger consists of a front apron (599,00 Euro), side skirts (328,00 Euro), rear valance accretion (329,00 Euro) with diffuser optics.

KW Automotive adds to the ready for the race track set up with the approved V3-coilovers (1.529,00 Euro).

The series engine of the Scirocco is very sporty. The electronic-pro Wimmer Rensporttechnik adds on top. The series output rises to 261 PS and 380 Nm by optimizing the software (2.500,00 Euro). The residual speed reaches 263 km/h.

The backpressure optimized, manual welded, sport exhaust system (1.599,00 Euro) from MR Car Design, made auf steel and with TÃœV certificate adds up to the optimal Power output and the muffled thunderous sound. MR Car Design installs furthermore the 35% fins limited slip differential (incl. fitting 2.990,00 Euro) - therewith the speed gets on the road without wheelspin.

With these changes the DSG-Software (890,00 Euro) has to be adjusted.

CFC takes care of the outer appearance. The car gets a sporty foliation and and places with the expressive design elements an extra optic highlight.

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