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I heard someone mention that when they drive a conventional torque converter auto, and waiting in traffic, they leave the car in D, and hold the car on the handbrake, foot off the brake. I drive plenty of autos at work, and usually either hold the car on the footbrake, or slip it into P or N if I'm going to be waiting a while.

With DSG, am I right in saying that when you release your foot from the brake, it starts the process of engaging the clutch, so if you were to leave it in D, with handbrake on and foot off the brake, you would be stressing the 'box?

I just wondered what those of you with DSG did, and as an extension of that, how effective is the hill control mechanism is? I believe that DSG doesn't have the 'creep' you get with torque converter autos, which makes for an easy hill start, can you in effect slip the clutch by modulating the release of the brake pedal???.........
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