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Extended Lead Times
Due to falling production numbers and the subsequent impact on shipping frequency, we are experiencing
increased average lead times on many models (see table below). Just to clarify, the average lead times quoted
below refer to all vehicles (stock and customer) and therefore differ from those in Supply Update 0430-09,
which refers to customer vehicles only and has much more detailed information.
You can help to reduce lead times by amending unconfirmed orders rather than placing new customer orders
on the system.
Polo AO4 (European produced)
With immediate effect shipping of European produced Polo AO4 will take an additional three to four working
days because of changes to the shipping routes. Please be mindful of this when quoting lead times to
Polo AO4 SA
Please refer to desktop bulletins 0351-09 and 0383-09 for details of the movements of certain Polo AO4
models to South Africa.
Managed Supply Quota
The cut off date for acquisitions/factory ordering is 30 April. Please ensure that you place your requirements
before this date to avoid loss of production and/or top up.
All production dates quoted may be subject to change
*Non-European based production - delivery extended
Table notes:
1 This indicates the current build week of existing orders that are now being confirmed for
2 This refers to the earliest build week you are likely to be allocated for orders placed this week
3 This provides you with average lead time (in weeks) for each model based on the previous three
months (ordering to UK landed all vehicles stock and customer)
Latest information
Vehicle lead time guide â€" week 17
build 2
Av. lead
Fox* Week 19/09 24/09 22
Polo GP* Week 21/09 23/09 10
Golf Hatch Week 21/09 24/09 11
Golf* Estate Week 20/09 25/09 29
New Golf Plus Week 21/09 23/09 N/A
Touran GP Week 21/09 25/09 15
New Beetle* Cabriolet Week 20/09 25/09 28
New Beetle* Week 20/09 25/09 28
Eos Week 21/09 23/09 13
Jetta* Week 21/09 23/09 26
Passat Saloon Week 21/09 23/09 12
Passat Estate Week 21/09 23/09 15
Passat CC Week 21/09 23/09 16
Scirocco Week 21/09 23/09 10
Sharan Week 21/09 24/09 7
Tiguan Week 21/09 23/09 22
Touareg GP Week 21/09 24/09 27
Phaeton GP Week 24/09 25/09 17

We still have to quote 26 weeks but looks like scirocco should arrive within 12

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That is much better news than 26 weeks, ordered mine on 12/3, been told build will be w/c 3/5 (next week), how much longer after build do you think it will be for landing at dealership?

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lol, lol beware of the Sharons that may be around! ( I am not a Sharon here!)

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Even more so....beware of anyone on here who has a mother called Sharon...given 'Da's name that is :oops: :eek: :oops:
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