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I'm pretty certain that any VAG (Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda) gear knob will fit. I took mine from a Mk2 TT. This is reasonably simple to do.

1x flat plastic trim tool
1x very small philips head screw driver
1x pair of pliers
1x small flat head screw driver

1. Using the trim tool, lever the gear gaiter surround up and pull it up so that the gaiter is inside out.


2. Notice the metal collar round the plastic shaft of the gear knob. You need to loosen this off. Use the small screw driver to open it up by wedging it into the small loop on the collar and bending the metal. Loosen it enough so that you can pull the gear knob and gaiter off of the metal pole section


3. Now remove the gaiter and gear knob completely. You will now be able to see a plastic collar that holds the leather gaiter to the bottom of the gear knob. You need to remove this to separate the knob from the gaiter. This is very tight and you will need a bit of force to get it off. I used my screwdriver to gentle wedge it apart, working my way around until it was loose enough to pull it off.

4. Now do the same thing in reverse with your new gear knob.

5. Slide the whole lot back on to the metal pole and use a pair of pliers to squeeze the loop on the metal collar to tighten it back up. You will need a fair bit of force here.

6. Pull the gaiter back down and push the surround back into place. Done!

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