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Guide how to fit replacement alloy pedals:

1x Can of WD40
1x 10mm socket & rachet with short extension
1x VW removal tool (or 2x small screwdrivers)
1x Pedal replacement kit (Brake/Clutch/Accelerator) - £90

Right fitting the alloy pedals the brake pedal was easy. Peel the old one off from the top then replace its just a push fit.

Similar for the clutch apart from this it has two small holes and the pedal cap has two cones shaped rubbers, lube the rubbers (wd40) line the rubbers up with the holes. Press into place and next grip the protruding rubbers with pliers and pull into place.

Remove the throttle pedal, with a small screwdriver remove oval cap then remove 10mm headed screw. Next the wiring, the connect has a red lock on it push that up first then pull the connector off. I didn't have the vw tool to release the clips at the bottom of the throttle assembly so i had a good look at the new one to see how it fitted and used two small screwdrivers to do the job but be patient it took me 20mins to get the bottom released, 3 hands are handy for that last bit.

Finally refit the new one snap the bottom in place replace the bolt refit the wiring connector remember to push the red lock down, job done.

See copy of instructions:
fig 1 is the tools you need, ratchet, short extenston, 10mm socket, pair of pliers, small flat screwdriver, can of lube
fig 2 is just pulling the rubber caps off pull from the top
fig 3 replacing the brake cap push fit easy peasy
fig 4 relpacing the clutch cap
fig 5 pulling the rubber cones intp place with pliers
fig 6 removing the cap with small screwdriver and 10mm headed bolt
fig 7 use the tool or two screwdrivers 1 very thin terminal type, very tricky this part.the base it locks onto two posts, you have to push forward with one and to the right with another and lift the pedal at the same time, buy the tool
fig 8 remove the electrics
fig 9 refit new pedal and electrics
fig 10 job done

Original post thanks to sciroccorocket here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1438
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