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Trading Rules
These rules apply to everyone posting in the SciroccoNET classified forums whether they are the originator of a thread or replying to an existing thread.

They are somewhat detailed, but only because we want to avoid confusion. They are here to help avoid disappointment (from simple wasted time to deliberate fraud), for both the vendors and purchasers. Please read them carefully and abide by the rules every time you post.
The rules are here to protect genuine, honest traders.

By posting in this forum you agree to abide by all of the rules of this forum and not to enter into any arguments with moderators, whose decision is final. Moderators of this forum are empowered to
a) issue an official warning which can lead to a ban(see site rules for how this would affect you)
b) remove any posts in any other forums questioning/arguing any decisions made by moderators here.
c) following fraudulent actions, terminate your SciroccoNET account and assist the police with any prosecution.
Note: anyone deliberately defrauding other traders will be dealt with severely. We encourage defrauded traders to seek assistance from the police and we actively assist the police to secure a conviction.
By using the classifieds forums, you are agreeing to the above rules.
Who may trade on the SciroccoNET?
• Classified adverts must be posted in the appropriate classifieds forum.
• Nobody under the age of 18 may use the forum classifieds.
• 'Pro traders' are not welcome to trade on the SciroccoNET marketplace. A 'pro trader' is someone using our free classifieds as a way to make money selling goods bought for the purpose of reselling. This is contrary to the ethos of our free classifieds.
What may you trade on the SciroccoNET?
You may trade personally owned items which are legal to sell in the UK

You may not trade:
• Aeroplane Tickets
• Airline Air Miles
• Alcohol
• Animals and Wildlife Products
• Counterfeit and Trademarked Items
• Counterfeit Currency and Stamps
• Credit Cards
• Digital TV cable boxes as these are the property of the cable company
• Drugs and Drug paraphernalia
• Firearms and Ammunition including BB guns and air rifles
• Fireworks
• Football Tickets
• Franking Machines
• Government IDs, Licences and Uniforms
• Lockpicking Devices
• Lottery Tickets
• Mailing Lists and Personal Information
• Mod chips (with exception of Xbox1)
• Modded game consoles (with exception of Xbox1 and PSP)
• Monetary exchange or transfer (including Paypal)
• Multi-level Marketing, Pyramid, Matrix and Trading Schemes
• OEM software (e.g. MS Windows) which is intended to be sold installed on a computer
• Offensive Material
• Online accounts for services, such as premium accounts for a storage site
• Pirated material such as copied games, DVDs or any storage media containing same
• Prescription Drugs and Materials
• Promotional material not intended for resale including promotional DVDs, Blu-rays and Games
• Recalled Items
• Shares and Securities
• Sky Viewing Cards; expired or current. They remain the property of Sky.
• Stock belonging to a business
• Stolen Items
• Surveillance Equipment
• Tobacco and Tobacco Products
• Train Tickets
• Travel Vouchers
• Unlocking Software
• XBox360 consoles banned from the Live service

The penalty for breaking any of the following rules will be at the discretion of the moderators and will vary from a warning or a temporary ban to permanent exclusion from the forums.
SciroccoNET and the moderators and staff, cannot accept any liability for any losses incurred from the use of the classifieds forums. If you are a victim of any activity you feel is illegal please report this to the moderators who will endeavour to help you.

If you have a number of items for sale and/or wanted, please list them in one thread. Once your trade is complete to the satisfaction of both parties, or you wish to cancel your advert, please PM a member of the site staff to advise.
You must include a price in your for sale/for trade post even if you are offering the goods to trade (because people inevitably offer you a price for goods even if they are advertised for trade).
All ads must state if the price includes postage or not. If your post does not specify whether on not postage is included it will be assumed that your asking price includes delivery.

If you wish to sell several items as a 'bulk' sale with one price for the lot, you may not then sell the goods individually unless you list a price for each individual item.
Profiteering by selling items at above the retail price or the price you paid for them is not allowed. Asking a fair price is, of course, fine. But we feel it is our duty to protect forum members from advertisers deliberately overcharging for goods.
It is your responsibility to describe the goods accurately.
Be honest. If you misrepresent the condition or history of the goods, then the purchaser is within their rights to demand a partial refund or a return of the goods at your expense.
The admin of SciroccoNET will endeavour to resolve any trading disputes and their rulings are final and must be adhered to.
If the SciroccoNET admin find you to be at fault in any way and you do not make good on the trade then you will be permanently banned from the forums.
Advertising stolen goods, pirated DVDs/games will get the advertiser an instant and permanent forum ban.

You cannot make a higher offer after an offer has been accepted. This rule prevents gazumping and turning the sale into an auction, which is prohibited on this forum.
You should only make an offer for an item when you have the funds to pay for it, and should not post something like 'I am interested but need to sell this or that first to raise funds'. You should have the funds available before making an offer. (The seller may agree to wait if you have offered and it has been accepted, but this should be discussed in the thread with the seller, and it doesn't affect the seller's rights to refuse your offer).

PM and email or other may not be used at anytime in a live sale. All discussions including offers, acceptances and refusals should be shown clearly in the thread. Once a sale is complete you may use whatever form of external communication you like to finalise payment details etc. Your general geographical location and detailed specifications of equipment are not considered to be valid reasons for using off thread communications. It is the responsibility of both the vendor and the purchaser to ensure that all negotiations are conducted in the thread. We insist on this rule because we need to see all the negotiations to be able to mediate a solution to a dispute.
Note that new members may not use the SciroccoNET trading forums. After you have been a member for a certain amount of time and have a certain number of posts you will automatically be granted access. New members posting adverts in other areas of the forum in an attempt to circumvent this policy will receive a warning as per the forum rules.

Fair play. If a vendor and a potential purchaser are in dialogue over the price of the goods and the vendor reduces the price for that potential purchaser, that price becomes the new asking price for all potential purchasers. However, the potential purchaser in dialogue has a 30 minute period in which to agree to that offer before other parties may 'jump in' offering that new price to secure the sale.

An offer of said item must be refused and then acknowledged by the member who made the offer. Before a new offer from a new member is made. Giving the chance to members to counter the refusal or move on.

Wanted Adverts. Wanted adverts do not work in the same way as For Sale adverts. A Wanted advert is the sole property of the original poster, and items offered on a wanted thread are for the original poster only. Other members may make an offer, such as if member x doesn't want this, I'll take it for the asking price, but the original poster always has first refusal on the item. The 30 minute rule does not apply on a Wanted advert.
The seller offering the item may of course have their own For Sale thread with the same item available. Should an item have offers on both a Wanted thread and For Sale thread, then forum timings will be used to decide priority.
The first unconditional offer of the asking price secures the sale. The vendor cannot accept an offer higher than the asking price.

Vendors may, of course, choose who they deal with. If a vendor has had a particularly negative or positive experience with a particular person, they may choose to deal or not to deal specifically with that person. If, however, this action breaks any of the other rules, a moderator must be contacted (by reporting the post) to make a ruling on the deal.
If a vendor has two offers, one being an offer to trade and the other being an offer to sell, the vendor may choose which offer to accept.

SciroccoNET does not get involved with the mechanics of making payments for goods. However, we would like to point out that if the payer uses the Paypal Gift option then they will not have any recourse via Paypal should the trade go wrong. This will not affect any ruling made by SciroccoNET moderators with regard to disputed trades.

Once a sale has been agreed on the forums you may not withdraw from it without a very good reason. You will need to PM a moderator with an explanation. Even if you have a good reason, the moderators reserve the right to impose a short trading ban.

If you see any rule infringements, we would be grateful if you would report these to the moderators by reporting the post. Please do not post comments in the thread as this will be considered to be spoiling.
You may only post normal trading dialogue in classified threads.
If you are making an offer and want to illustrate a price on another website then you don't have to include a link to that site provided it's easy to find the evidence. E.g. ' have it for £9.99 so I'll offer £7.99'. If you assert that the goods can be found elsewhere at a certain price and this information is incorrect or difficult to corroborate then you are guilty of spoiling and the moderators will apply a trading ban. We advise that you provide a VALID link to the website showing the goods for sale.
Auction sites are not valid for price comparisons, and links to auctions must not be made by either buyers, or sellers.
You may reply within a trading thread ONLY if you are interested in participating in the trade. Anything else can be considered spoiling and will result in a warning. There is ONE exception to this: Even if you are not interested in taking part in the trade, in the interests of preventing someone from offering goods for sale at unreasonably high prices, we DO allow you to alert potential buyers to this by providing a valid link to a commercial web site selling that item (or the new model if the listed one is discontinued) new. For example, you see someone selling a used subwoofer for £200 when Richer Sounds are selling it for £210 new. You may post a link to the page on the Richer Sounds website where the subwoofer's price is displayed.

If there is a dispute over an SciroccoNET trade, please take the following steps:
1) If your thread is no longer visible, (completed and expired threads are moved to the archive), and/or closed, then send a private message to a trading moderator asking that your thread be moved to the Disputed/Problem Trades forum and reopened.
2) Reply to your thread detailing exactly what has happened since the trade was agreed which has caused the dispute.
3) Report your new post to the moderators asking for help to resolve the dispute.
The moderators will do their best to help bring the dispute to an amicable conclusion. This service is not available to trades which have occurred by private message.

You may not offer to give things away for nothing and then have an auction where people each bid a little more in each post.
If you want to get rid of something then say that it is free to good home to first person paying a specified sum for postage. Once someone offers this set amount, the deal is finalised. You may not accept a higher amount than that you have specified and must not encourage an auction. We would encourage you to auction the goods for charity.

All traders will be expected to visit the forum to deal with their trades roughly on a work-daily basis. That is to say you should be able to respond to questions/offers etc. within a day or two during the week. You will not be expected to visit weekends and if there is a delay in your responding, this will be taken into account. If you can only visit the forums infrequently - say on a weekly basis - then don't even think about trading here as people will expect you to respond to threads MUCH quicker than in 7 days! Anyone time wasting by visiting too infrequently or using that as an excuse will receive a trading ban.
Anyone who fails to honour their obligation in a trade will be contacted by email by admin to ask for an immediate resolution. If this is not forthcoming then we will treat it as a criminal matter and give all the information we have about you to the police when requested. We will also permanently ban you from the SciroccoNET. This action is done to protect the community from deliberately fraudulent traders and by trading in the SciroccoNET you agree to allow forum admin to pass your details on in the circumstances and method described above.

You are responsible for all trades and sales you take part in. Goods sold remain THE VENDOR'S responsibility until RECEIVED by the buyer.
We strongly recommend that you:
• Request digital photographs of the goods you are purchasing.
• Insist on insured delivery and make claims against that insurance where items are damaged or lost in transit.
• If you are signing for receipt of goods, unless you have checked and are happy with their condition, mark the delivery receipt 'unchecked'. Otherwise if the goods are later found to be faulty, the vendor and the delivery company are not liable in any way.
• Obtain and verify the details of the person you are trading with by, for example, calling them on their landline phone.
• If you are transferring monies via bank transfer or any other digital means, check that the name and location of the receiving account matches the detail you have about the vendor and get proof of the transaction.

It is also your responsibility to read the rules and fully understand them before posting in the SciroccoNET marketplace. Any rule breaking will be dealt with according to the rules above and no conversation or correspondence will be entered into by the Moderators or Admin.
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