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This is a very useful post detailing how to set up Bluefin. Remember Bluefin, part of Superchips offers all SciroccoNet users a 10% discount. Just quote SciroccoNet when ordering.

Available for 1.4TSI, 2.0TSI, 2.0TDI.
Price at time of writing Price : £435.00 (including VAT & UK delivery)

Original post & pictures by rehmondo: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=593

Following the instructions it was pretty easy and straight forward. Simply follow the onscreen instructions. It often says turn ignition on, then scrolls to say DO NOT START ENGINE therefore be patient when remapping yourself. From opening the box to packing up the stuff after install took around 35 mins - the download email arrived within 2 mins of the upload.

With regards to Bluefin (as apposed to a standard remap) your left with a device that can read any errors codes etc so that’s quite nice and you can revert to old, or apply a new map (if they improve your existing one) at no extra cost.

Full details, stats and power curves see

More Info:
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