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firstly" imiturba is the sound I make after a particularly hearty meal. Secondly, if anyone is picking on Interceptor I will be round to sort you out in my red bikini, which I have purchased from JJB sports today, it chafes a little, but nothing vaseline doesnt sort out :wtf: :shock: :eek: . Now, if Scotty and Interceptor wish to continue their mutual "pig-tail pulling" I suggest they either start a "chat" thread or PM each other. Da. (P.S. If anyone needs me, Im shaving my legs.)

Blackroc said:
Da, I have this image of you running down a beach Pamela Anderson stylee! I just hope it is that rather than a Borat style outfit you have :sick:

I think he has one of those... with his name down the side
1 - 20 of 48 Posts
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