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After some long decision . It come to me to opt out of wait for the R version. So I thought what the hell let go all out, get the wallet out, letting the penny's flow :lol:
But you know I wouldn't anything without informing my good friends from the Roc forums, for several reasons really.

1. How will I express my excitement
2. I need to know what you guys think, and if it'll work
3. Criticism! Yes that crude rude. :crazy:

After letting my car sees about 500 - 1000 British miles I'm going to start my little project :cool:

Phase 1:
Colour coding the side panels, custom creating a red ring for he grill, getting some sills for. : the doors and finally changing the pedals.

Phase 2:
Rolling roads! Booking it in to see the out put so far. After that, I'll be getting dimension of little thing like, the paddles on my steering wheel, my plastic engine cover that says 'TSI' on. Then I'll be make Carbon Fibre one :D

Phase 3:
While in the work shop I'll be shopping, shopping, shopping (see how I done that, used it 3 time :problem:) I'll be purchasing the following

2.0 TSI Twintercooler from Forge
Forge Vacuum
Forge Silicon hoses and replacement part such as Filer tank for the washer liquid ;) Just for appearance
BlueFin Super chip

And more when I see it but I'll have to do more research.

Phase 4:
Back on those rolling roads :D self explanatory to see the gains!

So I need you guys to criticise this and help me out with some perks you know or thing may happen! And of course to see what you guys think.

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Yep with you all the way flux matey. One thing I found though, if you are colour coding the side strips (I think thats what you meant) ensure you have a set of mudflaps fitted. Otherwise stones thrown up from the front wheels very quickly chips the paint. The paint adhesion from a body shop on the plastic is not quite up to factory standards and is easier chipped. ;)
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