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So - new Scirocco turns up outside my house. Lovely chap from the dealers, shows me how to use everything (all very impressive) - and yes the car looks lovely in Shadow Blue. There's the alloy key, the water, screenwash, oil, variable servicing interval, blah.

'Do you want to check round the car', says he.
'I certainly do', say I.

I get as far as the front left bumper. Now, living in Zone 2 and parking on the street I'm a bit of a connoisseur on bumper scuffs - and that's a whopper. 3 - 4 inches along the wheel arch, about an inch of top coat of paint missing; then scrapes totalling about 9 inches of bumper around to the front. With a white base coat, you'd have seen it from 100 yards and even with a black base it's pretty ugly. It's been done by another car, and with reasonable force.

On the phone to the fleet company: reject the car. Driver hugely apologetic but his suggestion of 'just marking it on the sheet' is not going to fly. So off it goes again - it had 16 miles on the clock, by the time it goes to the fleet compound, to the body shop, back to me - in all likelihood, another 80 miles and a week before I get it. I tell him they don't need to do the briefing next time they deliver it.

I know I can't name the dealer on here but if anyone is interested, PM me. To be fair, they've been very apologetic on the phone and this may well be an unfortunate one-off. But if you had or are to have a new VW delivered on fleet in the home counties over the next week - check the front right bumper. You may find the rest of *my* paint.


Thants annoying to say the least. I would have expected the dealer to have checked it over before delivery though.

I would probably have not rejected the car and just had it fixed later since there was no question it wasnt your fault.
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