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Right, first off I have a confession. I'm not a car person. Not even a little.

A little over a week ago I was on my way to place an order for a bog standard Golf Mk6 with a DSG automatic. Utterly practical and equally boring. :thumbdown:

Since my last visit to the VW dealership they had rearranged the showroom to fit a new car. A blue one. - I had only seen a Scirocco previously in the Volkswagen Magazine, and was immediately impressed by the design.

The owner of the dealership gave me an offer I could not refuse. And a few days later I picked up my Rising Blue Scirocco 1.4 (118 kW) with a manual gearbox. Moderately impractical, but a complete joy to drive.

Now a week later, I find myself taking detours on my way home from work. :D

Edit: Link to photo removed.

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Hi again, and thanks for all your comments. :)

With the first 1000 km behind me with my roc, I am confident I made the right choice. Also, I've noticed a few other things. 1) There is a rattling sound coming from the glove box area and 2) twisty country roads and no police around is a fun combination.

The rattling is a minor annoyance that will be fixed, I'm sure.

In the parking garage at work (more cramped than at my flat) I sometimes regret not getting the Golf with it's easier entry. However, after driving for a few meters I usually forget all about any such silliness.

In a few years I might swap it for one with a DSG box. But taking into account how frugal the 1.4 supercharged engine is, the 2-liter one might be a hard sell. - We'll see how well I get along with the manual box.

Also, will be interesting to see how the car behaves with winter tires (studded Nokian Hakkapelitta 5) on our sometimes very slippery and mostly sleety roads.
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