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i was looking at the pipercross VIS system which (if you go by how expensive it is) should be one of the best, if not the best, induction kit around.
I was looking at where they are installed which is usually somewhere near the lower area of the engine bay, behind the right side of the fron grill.
this got me thinking...
does anybody feel that there would be any added benefit of having two of these kits, one behind the right front fog light area and the other behine the left front fog light area, and then having some sort of connecting Y shaped bracked which would eventually go onto the intake.
i think this system would also probably benefit from a little bit of dremmeling to the fog light surrounds to improve air flow.
i know that forge where trying to introduce something like this and then selling it as a TWINTAKE system... however i've not seen anything from them on their website...
let me know your thoughts, its just an idea atm
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