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Will i get insured on my 1.4 TSI with the modification listed below?

  • NO WAY!!! You've got more chance of winning the lottery and privatley insuring a SL65 AMG for £30,0

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  • YES!!! We believe in your Patrick! May all of your Scirocco dreams come true!

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Good news chaps! I got the go ahead from Mr. Insurance man! He's a nice guy really.
I can have all the mods i requested below, plus the girlfriend has been aded to the policy!
Life is good at the moment! I feel like this --> :hyper:
I'm sure its gonna feel a lot worse when i've finally finished and realised just how much money i'm NOT ever going to see again... oh well! :D
Thanks for all the support by the way guys! Mucho appreciatado!!!
Anyways first mod is underway. Phone calls are being mde now and tomorrow so if your one of the companies listed below, expect me to be ringing you!!!
Next stop the cover of FAST CAR :lol:

Thank the lord that my car managed to creep onto the company car insurance policy. Without it I wouldn't be here! :yes: .
No car should be left standard right? See below my wishlist for the car:

Milltek Non-resonated Cat-back exhaust system with rear silencer and twin 80mm pipes - AMD Technik - £465.00
Forge MS "Twintercooler" for VAG 1.4 TSI engine - Forge MS - £570.00
Forge MS Blow off valve (BOV) for VAG 1.4 TSI engine - Forge MS - £50.00
Forge MS "Twintake" for VAG 1.4 TSI engine - Forge MS - £175.00
Quaife ATB Helical LSD Differential Quaife - £585.00
AP Racing Formula Big Brake Kit - 4 pot calipers and drilled rotors - DemonTweeks - £1,552.00
H&R 26mm Front & 22m Rear Anti Roll Bars - £410.00
H&R 35mm Lowering Springs - £225.00
Powerflex Suspension Bushes - £50.00
Clifford G5 AvantGuard 5.5 - Thatcham Cat 1 with remote start (fitted) - £530.00
Clifford G5 CallGuard 2.1 - SMS messaging service (fitted) - £220.00

BTW this isn't one hit!!! Does anybody have a spare £4700ish to pour into a car never to be seen again!?!?
No this is the plan for the next 12 months. I am limiting myself to £500 per month on modding "le roc".

However it all rests in the balance of Phil our insurance broker. He's the man with the power to swing our insurance company in the right direction with regards to covering my car with mods. I shall be finding out in the next couple of days wether or not i've got the green light.

Am I confident... not really. I have 5 points from 2008 and a £5000(ish) claim from 2007. Add this to the fact that I am 19... hmmm yeh the more I think about it the less optimistic I become.

I thought that the Clifford security stuff may offset some of the risk for the insurers. Also i thought that a quaife diff accompanied by bigger brakes may work in my favour. See a extract from my accomanying letter... well email...

"the Quaife limited slip differential significantly improves the safety of the car in wet weather conditions by reducing torque steer and wheel spin, reducing the risk of understeering whilst cornering on a road with reduced levels of grip."
"The larger brake disks and callipers supplied by AP Racing helping to reduce the risk of brake fade by disipating heat away from the brake rotors more quickly and efficiently, when compared to standard brake disks. Also in an emergency stop situation, the improved braking performance provided by the brake kit conversion will significantly reduce stoping distances in both wet and dry conditions."

Both are facts and completely true statements no? I should have been the prime ministers spin doctor :lol:
I stated that the suspension stuff would improve handling and therfore reducing the risk of coming off the road. Also that the lowering springs are mainly for cosmetic reasons. I told them that I would expect a 20hp increase... which i think is about right. This would bring power upto 178hp (i tried to use the 99p as apose to £1.00 trick here). I said that the engine performance stuff was to improve the sound the car made on that I wasn't interested in power gains... :D

I wrapped it up by stating that I am a member of two scirocco owners clubs (SciroccoNet and Scirocco Central) and that the car will be intended as an everyday show car, and is booked into be displayed at one of the largest VW festivals in the UK (GTI International). I have heard that both of these facts can show that you're a car enthusiast, not a boy racer (who enjoys spending most evening in a ridiculous citreon saxo with plastic trays under the back tyres pulling massive handbrake tuns and shredding the front tyres :lol: )

i'll let you know how I get on. Keep me in your Scirocco prayers!

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Patrick I believe in you.

Also it looks like you are prepared in that you know it wont be cheap which helps. I would say put in some leg work yourself too. You might cover somewhere your broker is not looking.

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The security kit isn't going to make much difference to your premium against all those mods to be honest. Add this to your age, your claim and your points and you'll be looking at a hefty insurance premium I'm afraid. I'd recommend someone like Adrian Flux who specialise in dealing with lots of mods.

As for your company insurance policy, best of luck!

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haha yeh i'll stand o pay £1000 if its a write off.... which would be pretty bad...
fortunatly I have a contingency fund of £1000 already set aside for this... just in case.
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