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Our second 2.0 GT arrived on the 2nd march. I have been using an 8GB memory stick with the sat nav system in my white one for the last couple of months with no problems. Having gone for the same approach with the black one, also fitted with factory nav system, I have discovered a problem with reading files from the USB stick.

When trying to read some albums, they won't play and the sytem returns to the media source selection menu, playing the 1st song on the stick.I've tried the USB stick in both cars, again fine in the white one, problem occurs only in the black one. I've tried unplugging the MDI cable and the USB stick and reinstalling with no luck

The manual says that the system can play files 8 folders deep. The albums that cause the problem are only 3 folders deep and some other albums with the same folder sturcture do work, very confusing. Do i need a new RNS10?
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