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I desperately need help with my 2008 2.0 GT TSI. In October I had to change a wheel, while removing the tools from the boot, I discovered the carpet was very wet. I have a rubber boot liner so I hadn't noticed before and I've no idea how long the carpet had been wet. When I got home I removed the carpet to dry it and inspected the boot. Underneath the spare wheel were pools of water and it was also pooling in the bodywork on the right hand side. I dried all of the boot and removed both pieces of side trim (carpet) to dry them and fully inspect for holes or signs of ingress.

There was nothing visible so I stuck strips of blue towel around the boot and waited for it to rain. The first area to get wet is the right hand corner of the boot, below the rear light and just above the screws that hold the rear impact bar in place. It's an area where two metal plates overlap and the water is coming out of the seam. I checked the rear light but the seal looks good so I used some silicone to seal the gap between the metal plates.

The next time it rained the boot was just as wet and the water was getting in further up the seam, above the silicone. I dried it all again and siliconed about six inches of the seam. It rained again, again the boot was wet and again it was coming over the silicone. In a last attempt to stop the water I siliconed the entire seam from boot floor to lip.

Next time it rained the boot was dry :D But then it kept raining and then the boot was wet again, but from the opposite side!! I'd been checking the left side all along and there had never been any water there but now it was as bad as the right had been and it was coming out of the seam in the same place. It was as it the water had filled the gap between the plates and because it couldn't get out of the right, it had spilled over on the left instead.

I removed the boot seal to inspect it for damage and while there was some water underneath it, it looked in good condition. I also removed the rear bumper to inspect the outside. There was nothing obvious under the bumper, the water channels were clear and the factory sealant looked in good condition. To be sure, I siliconed over the top of it before replacing the bumper.

Now I've siliconed both sides of the boot, from floor to lip, and while the leak isn't as bad as it was, it still leaks every time it rains. I've tried spraying the rear quarter with a hose pipe while looking for a leak but after 15 minutes I gave up because nothing happened.

Can anyone suggest anywhere the water might be getting into the car? The only area that's wet is the rear of the boot, it's not dripping from above because there is never anything on the rubber liner but it seems to constantly seep through the seam between the two metal plates.

Any help would be greatly appreciated because I'm on the verge of having to get rid of the car :(

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